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Get Customized Production Services from Zhink New Material


Welcome to Zhink New Material, a top-notch yarn company that offers customized production services to meet your unique needs. We use advanced equipment and pay close attention to detail to ensure you receive top-quality products.


1. Accurate Weighted Cone Yarn Production:

At Zhink New Material, we take precision seriously when manufacturing cone yarns. Our automated weighing system guarantees minimal errors when producing cone yarns of the desired weight. This means you can expect consistent and accurately measured cone yarns for your textile needs.


2. Customized Tube Labels:

We know how important branding is to you, which is why we offer customizable tube labels for each cone yarn. You can tell us what you want on the label, including text, format, and logo. We'll make sure every tube is labeled according to your unique requirements.


3. Customized Package Labels:

In addition to tube labels, we also provide customized package labels for every batch of yarn. You can customize the label's content, format, and even include your logo to maintain a cohesive brand identity. We pay attention to detail, so you can be sure that every package is labeled as per your specifications.


4. Diverse Packaging Options:

We offer different packaging options to suit your preferences. Our standard packaging includes blank pearl cotton woven bags, which provide excellent protection for the yarn. However, we also offer customization options such as bespoke woven bags or cardboard boxes, depending on your packaging requirements. We're happy to help you with all your packaging needs.



At Zhink New Material, we're committed to meeting all your personalized requirements. Our expertise in customized production, accurate weighing, customizable labels, and diverse packaging options ensures that you receive high-quality products tailored to your specifications. Trust us to deliver exceptional textile solutions that align with your brand vision. Contact us today to discuss your unique requirements and experience the difference of Zhink New Material's customized production services.

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