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Superior Cationic Polyester Yarn


Cationic polyester yarn is a specially modified polyester yarn. Its main feature is that it can be dyed with cationic dyes and has good dyeing performance and color fastness. Compared with normal polyester yarn, cationic polyester yarn has improved hygroscopicity, antistatic properties, softness, etc.

Below, we will distinguish cationic polyester yarn and normal polyester yarn from several aspects.

1. Dyeing performance: Cationic polyester yarn can be dyed with cationic dyes, which has good dyeing performance and high color fastness. Normal polyester yarn is usually dyed with disperse dyes or acid dyes, and its color fastness is relatively low.

2. Hygroscopicity: The hygroscopicity of cationic polyester yarn is improved compared with ordinary polyester yarn, so it is softer and more comfortable.

3. Antistatic properties: Normal polyester yarns are prone to accumulation of static electricity, while cationic polyester yarns have good antistatic properties due to the addition of cationic activators during the production process, and can effectively prevent the adverse effects caused by the accumulation of static electricity.

4. Feel and softness: Cationic polyester yarn feels soft, wrinkle-resistant and wear-resistant, and is suitable for making various clothing. Normal polyester yarn feels harder and has poor softness.

5. Application fields: Cationic polyester yarn is widely used in products that make skin contact materials, such as clothing, bedding, etc. Normal polyester is widely used in various textiles, clothing, home textiles and other fields.

6. Combustion characteristics: Both cationic polyester yarn and normal polyester yarn have yellow flames when burning, but cationic polyester yarn has a slightly pungent smell when burning, while normal polyester yarn has a heavier smell when burning.

In short, there are certain differences between cationic polyester yarn and normal polyester yarn in terms of dyeing performance, hygroscopicity, antistatic property, feel and softness, application fields and combustion characteristics. Through the comparison of the above aspects, cationic polyester yarn and ordinary polyester yarn can be distinguished more accurately.

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