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Importance of Moisture-Proof Measures



Welcome to Zhink New Material, a distinguished yarn manufacturing company that recognizes the paramount importance of moisture control in yarn production and storage. The significance of moisture-proof measures cannot be overstated, as moisture poses a substantial threat to the quality of yarn. Without proper safeguards, moisture can lead to fiber damage, mold growth, quality deterioration, and storage issues. Understanding these potential consequences, Zhink New Material has implemented advanced moisture-proof measures to ensure the impeccable condition of your orders.


Constant temperature workshop:

Moisture poses a significant threat to the quality of yarn production. At Zhink New Material, we have taken steps to ensure that our production and storage facilities maintain a constant temperature of 30 degrees Celsius. This creates a dry environment for your yarn production and storage, minimizing the risk of moisture damage.


Efficient Storage on Pallets:

To maintain the quality and convenience of our yarn storage, we store each ton of yarn on pallets in our warehouse. This method not only protects against dampness but also facilitates easy movement and transportation. Our organized pallet storage system enables efficient handling and reduces the risk of damage during storage and delivery.


Rainproof Facilities:

Our rainproof facilities ensure that we can load your yarn onto containers as scheduled, without worrying about water damage. This provides peace of mind for both us and our customers, knowing that orders will be delivered on time and in optimal condition.


Our expertise lies in the production, research, and sales of various yarn types including ring spinning, compact spinning, core-spun yarn, vortex spinning, bamboo yarn, and fancy yarn, etc. At Zhink New Material, we take pride in our advanced moisture-proof measures, ensuring the quality and integrity of your yarn production. We invite you to experience the excellence of Zhink New Material by reaching out to us today.

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