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How to Wash Acrylic Yarn?

Caring for acrylic yarn requires a tailored approach to washing and maintenance to uphold its durability and appearance.

Acrylic yarns have become a staple in knitting and crocheting due to their affordability and versatility, mimicking the qualities of natural fibers like wool and cotton. However, understanding how to properly clean and maintain acrylic yarn creations is crucial for preserving their quality and longevity. Unlike natural fibers, acrylic requires a specific approach to washing to avoid damage or distortion. Whether it's an acrylic blanket, wool sweater, or intricately crocheted items, following the appropriate washing techniques ensures these pieces remain vibrant, soft, and durable over time.


What Is Acrylic Yarn Made of?

Acrylic yarns, as opposed to yarns made from natural fibers like wool and cotton, are created from man-made or semi man-made fibers. These fibers are created in various different ways and are also used for different types of projects and to give specific characteristics to yarn, usually to mimic natural fibers like wool, cotton, linen, etc.

How to Wash Acrylic Yarn

Acrylic yarns are used widely because they are usually cheaper than natural yarns - sometimes by quite a lot. This makes it a more budget-friendly choice, especially with the new acrylic yarns that are a lot softer than the first acrylic yarns that were produced. 


How to Wash Acrylic Knit Blanket?

Cleaning an acrylic knitted blanket requires special attention due to the nature of acrylic, a synthetic fabric crafted from acrylonitrile polymer. Acrylic possesses exceptional versatility, maintaining its shape effectively, resisting stains, and avoiding wrinkles. Its soft texture has made it a preferred alternative to wool, especially for those allergic to wool. However, similar to wool, acrylic reacts sensitively to heat. Therefore, cautious handling is essential when washing items crafted from acrylic fibers. Although dry cleaning is commonly advised for acrylic clothing, it's possible to launder acrylic blankets in a regular washer and dryer with careful handling.


Step 1
Loosely fill the washing machine with similarly colored items, but do not overload. The blanket should move freely in the washtub.

Step 2
Add a mild detergent, and select either warm water or cold water wash and rinse.

Step 3
Machine-dry the blanket on a low-heat setting and remove promptly when the dryer cycle is completed.

How to Wash Acrylic Wool Sweater?


Clean your acrylic wool sweater or garment in the washing machine using either warm or cold water. Avoid hot water as acrylic tends to stretch rather than shrink when exposed to heat. Opt for the permanent press cycle to minimize the formation of stubborn wrinkles. If your washer has a high spinning rate, adjust it to a lower setting, especially for high-efficiency washers, to ensure gentle treatment of the garment during the final cycle.


How to Wash Acrylic Yarn Crochet?

For maintaining the quality of crochet items made with acrylic yarn, it's vital to adhere to proper washing procedures. Depending on whether the yarn is a blend or 100% acrylic, different care techniques should be applied. When handwashing, prepare a basin or sink with lukewarm water and mild detergent. Gently create suds by swishing the water and immerse the crochet item, letting it soak for 10-15 minutes. Thoroughly rinse it, gently squeeze out excess water without wringing, and lay it flat on a towel to absorb additional moisture before air-drying on another clean towel or a drying rack.


Alternatively, for machine washing, enclose the item in a mesh laundry bag or pillowcase, utilizing a gentle cycle with cold or lukewarm water, while avoiding harsh detergents or bleach. Stubborn stains may need pre-treatment, emphasizing the use of cold water and detergents made for colored fabrics to preserve colors. Further, detailed instructions for blocking, fixing loose stitches or holes, and preventing stretching are provided to ensure the durability and longevity of acrylic crochet pieces.

Remember, following care instructions on yarn labels and refraining from heat during drying are crucial to maintain the enduring beauty and functionality of these creations over time.



Caring for acrylic yarn requires a tailored approach to washing and maintenance to uphold its durability and appearance. Its affordability and versatility have made it a beloved choice among crafters, offering an alternative to natural fibers like wool or cotton. By following specific washing guidelines, such as using mild detergents, avoiding heat exposure, and employing gentle handling techniques, you can sustain the vibrancy, softness, and longevity of acrylic yarn creations, whether it's a blanket, sweater, or intricately crocheted piece. Adhering to care instructions and taking preventive measures against heat exposure during drying are fundamental practices in ensuring these cherished items retain their charm and functionality for years to come.

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